Metal Gear Solid 5 has been out almost a week now and it’s obvious that the game is a huge success for Konami judging by the flood of perfect score reviews, scores that are well deserved I might add. The 5th installment of the franchise is a truly exceptional piece of work and no matter how much Konami try to erase Hideo Kojima’s name from the box they should be singing his praises for leaving the Metal Gear franchise behind after giving us this final masterpiece.

Those of you who have played the game will know just how much their is to do in the two main gameplay areas of Afghanistan and Africa not to mention the satisfying additional elements to the game that mother base offers to players. The one drawback that MGS 5 has is that it’s not always the friendliest of tutors to players often blacking out secondary mission objectives forcing players to replay story missions over again and not teaching players how to use certain items at their disposal.

Here are 5 things everyone should do in The Phantom Pain that can help you but aren’t really spelt out for you.

  1. Whatever you do fulton the damned dog! – Now considering the amount of media that has been dedicated before and after Metal Gears release this one should be obvious and for good reason too. D-dog can be encountered as early as mission 3 in the game and can be found wandering around the mission start area, make sure you fulton him up at this point as he takes a bit of time to grow. Visit mother base after each story mission and after 2 or 3 missions he should be finished growing and ready to accompany you on your mission. D-dog is the best buddy to take when you want to go completely stealth on a mission as he gives you perfect situational awareness of the battlefield marking any enemy that comes close to him and Snake.  maxresdefault
  2. Recruit someone with the Transportation speciality as soon as you can – The advantages of this cannot be overstated, an RnD recruit with this skill is essential to upgrading your fulton recovery system to be able to capture vehicles and containers. The earlier you can do this the better as it will allow you to grow mother base faster and send out your Diamond Dogs on more profitable missions making your cash flow much better earlier on. Plus the fact you can jack then call in tanks to help you out helps…ALOT!
  3. Complete Ground Zeroes first – This is something that was hinted at in the run up to release but the benefits were never really elaborated on so lets go through them. First of all is an awesome retro skin you can research after you complete the Deja Vu mission in Ground Zeroes which makes Big boss look like Solid Snake from the original Metal gear Solid on the PS1. Second is the appearance of the prisoners you rescue on Mother Base most of which have very high stats and you are even treated to the legend himself joining your RnD team, yes Hideo Kojima will join Diamond Dogs if you rescue him in Ground Zeroes.maxresdefault (1)
  4. Pick up posters – The cardboard box is back in The Phantom Pain and yes it really is a quantum leap in infiltration technology. Cardboard boxes can be used in a number of ways including hiding, camouflage and fast transport. What is a more advanced use of the boxes is by applying a poster to the side of a box and using them to distract guards and allow you to pop out and take down an unsuspecting guard while he is staring at a bikini clad model or saluting a superior.mgstpp_gc_11_web
  5. Blow up anything and everything the enemy has – One of the early missions actually has you destroying an enemy outposts communications equipment and this is something you should carry on doing whenever you have the opportunity to. Destroying the comms unit in an enemy camp prevents them from calling for backup and putting other camps on alert for you and even better if you destroy the AAA rader (the big dishes attached to a green wagon) you can call your chopper to a lot more places on the map meaning you don’t have to run/ride/drive miles upon miles for a lift.metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain-solid-snake-suit-from-metal-gear-solid-1-640x360