Destiny’s latest expansion has been out a couple of days now and while it doesn’t fix all of the problems that has plagued Destiny since its release it does the same that The House of Wolves did and takes us another step in the right direction as to what Destiny could be. The Taken King gives Destiny its biggest overhaul yet changing the way players level up, earn reputation, get new gear and explore the world not to mention the additions of new story missions and a huge new area to explore.


First of all The Taken King gives Destiny something it’s lacked from the start, a story and it’s not half bad! Basically remember when you went into the Crota’s end raid and killed Crota himself, well in hindsight it may not have been the best idea because his daddy is here and boy is he pissed. The cinematics that come with the expansion and the voice acting that the vanguards and Eris have really give the story some much needed gravitas that The House of Wolves just lacked. The likes of Nolan North and Nathan Fillion have made a large contribution to the game’s story with Fillion’s ongoing commentary through missions and side quests adding moments of genuine hilarity.

The mission system has had a complete overhaul as well with main story missions and side quests having multiple stages to complete and an all new refined user interface to keep track of them all. Rewards have had an upgrade too with alot of the new story missions leading to guaranteed legendary gear, faction reputation and legendary marks and speaking of gear the games level system has been completely revamped. The game now seems more like a regular mmo with your character leveling up with experience (To a maximum of level 40) and your weapons and armour combine to give you a light level, basically how you make your character more powerful after reaching maximum level.

The Taken King has also done its best to try and elevate the typical end game grind for loot and things to do and it both succeeds and fails at this endeavor. On the plus side the amount of activities open to both single players and players who have got a fire team are extensive with side quests, strikes, pvp and main quests being pumped up and needing a lot more input to complete with rewards that are well worth it. On the other hand there are still some things that require you to team up with random strangers in the world if you don’t have a fire team and its not always the smoothest of experiences. 

For example in the new area there is a public event that can be triggered by players and anyone can be apart of this event but only one person can start it, thus only one can get the loot from the chest when completing it. I was taking part in these events with 3 other random guardians taking turns to start the event, a fifth guardian then enters the fray which we applauded for the help but began starting all subsequent events himself not allowing us to do so, we tried to add him to our chat and continued to fight for several rounds but without any of us having a chance to open the chest we left leaving this person to complete a multi person event alone due to not communicating with us or showing courtesy. Now I know there are players like this everywhere but if others are locked out of major rewards in a shared world this presents a problem, the team I was with grew tired of an activity we couldn’t be rewarded as much from what is essentially a group activity.


The taken King has done its best to make Destiny the game it can be and as a single entity it does that completely but Destiny still has its original problems with the vanilla game, lack of story and end game activities for single players can put people off. Year 2 Destiny is shaping up to be a great game and after a few months off I have come back and can’t put the game to rest, if you want to jump into the game now make sure you get it with The Taken King.