Microtransactions come to Destiny – Bungies premiership shooter Destiny is preparing to bring microtransactions to the game on October 13th. On the 13th players will have the option to buy emotes that gives their characters different visual actions and dancing moves, including the 3 new dances introduced in the Taken King expansion.

To sell these wares a new vendor named Tess will be arriving at the tower come the 13th and you’ll need the new in game currency of Silver which is available from your consoles specific store. The exchange rate for the currency won’t be made clear until the system comes into effect.


Bungie has categorically said that the system will not be a play to win scheme and is purely for players to distinguish themselves from each other. Bungie said that you will not lose any Crucible encounter, Nightfall or raid activity because you did not have the correct emote.

Bungie also announced that the microtransactions would support the team while they continued free updates to the game ahead of the next major release, that presumingly being Destiny 2 at the end of 2016.

Metal Gear Solid…. Base Insurance? – Metal Gear Solid 5 received an update today which allows players to buy optional insurance for the protection of your Forward Operating Base the only problem is that this insurance comes at the cost of real world money.


Konami has made the decision to add the insurance feature as another microtransaction so that you can protect your base from other players in game. The actual workings of the insurance doesn’t actually prevent another player from infiltrating your base but instead ‘covers’ the cost of the resources and personnel they steal. Like real insurance it does not cover everything though wondering soldiers, enemy personnel in the brig and one of your biggest investments nukes are not safe from your enemy insurance or not.

Microsoft buys physics engine specialist Havok from Intel – Microsoft have acquired the middleware physics engine company Havok. Havok is responsible for the physics software seen in releases such as Call of Duty, DOTA 2 and Assassin’s Creed along with sourcing the engine to companies to incorporate in their games.


As part of the takeover Microsoft have agreed to allow the engine to be sourced out to third parties and even competitors, a move that is likely essential to the company’s continued success. The move is believed to be a strategic one to help bolster Microsoft’s cloud based gaming efforts with the upcoming release of Crackdown 3 supposedly being the big show off to where the Cloud can take Microsoft it looks like the acquisition could be a smart move.

Havok has been a staple to PC, Console and even mobile gaming for years now and is a well known software solution for both indie and AAA games and now Microsoft has also promised to continue to develop the technology we could see a big boost in cloud gaming in the coming years, especially on the Xbox One.

 Far Cry is going Prehistoric with Far Cry Primal – Ubisoft has given us the first glimpse at the next Far Cry game and it’s not what we expected, not by a long shot. The next Far Cry game arrives early next year and will be set in prehistoric times, yes ladies and gentleman you’ll be fighting with Mammoths and Sabre Tooths in the next Ubisoft adventure.


The Far Cry website has this to say “Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure, when giant mammoths and saber-toothed tigers ruled the Earth, and humanity was at the bottom of the food chain. You will play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have one goal: survival in a world where you are the prey. Grow your tribe and hone your skills to lead your people, conquer the land of Oros, and become the apex predator. Encounter a cast of memorable characters who can help push back the dangers of the wild. Face enemy tribes who will do anything to eradicate you and your allies.”

The website looks great and the trailer leave much to the imagination but let’s put it this way it’s Far Cry without guns and cars, hell at least we will still have our bow.