There are times that you just have to sit back, close your eyes and thank whatever particular higher power you believe in. It doesn’t happen often mind you, maybe your sports team just won a championship or you just had a baby or maybe just maybe, the tv gods have granted us a wish. Today we have found out that Netflix will be making a Punisher series that follows Frank Castles one man war on crime. Directly continuing from where the Daredevil series finished off in season 2.

Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as the skull emblazoned vigilante, who fast became one of the most interesting anti heroes I’ve seen onscreen. Steve Lightfoot who many of you may know from the Hannibal tv series, will serve as Executive Producer and Showrunner.

The Punisher will now be the next series added to Netflix’s Marvel arsenal with Daredevil and Jessica Jones already being huge successes. We can now look forward to The punisher, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the crossover show The Defenders all coming to the streaming service over the next few years.

Unfortunatly Marvel and Netflix have not yet revealed a release window for the series so for now you should check out this Daredevil trailer showing off just how badass Frank can be.