Please beware full spoilers ahead!

Ok so let’s get that ending out of the way, Jon snow is alive! What we all knew was going to happen finally happened and in the way we all thought it was going to happen. Melisandre brought Jon back using her lord of the light powers and even though most of us correctly predicted this outcome the scene itself was very well done. Let’s just forget how stupid the past year has been with the is he alive or isn’t he drama and get to the scene itself.


Last week’s episode left Melisandre in a very uncertain place with her doubting all that she believed and even giving up her youthful appearance but we can thank Sir Davos for talking her into trying to revive Jon. It seems as Melisandre has failed and one by one Jon’s friends leave the room and then just before the credits roll Jon wakes and gasps for Air. The show definitely delivered on the scene we all knew was coming.

What happens now though is what we have no clue about. There are a hundred theories on whether it’s actually Jon who has been brought back or did Melisandre bring back a spirit in his body? Well we will just have to wait one more week to see.


While Jon Snow’s revival was the biggest part of the show we are by no means starved for things going on in the world. We finally caught up with Bran and the Three Eyed Raven north of The Wall which was something I’ve particularly looked forward too. The scene was very short but we saw Bran using his powers to take a vision into the past watching Ned Stark and Benjen train as young boys , plus the big bonus of a young Hodor! Who actually has a proper name, who knew?

No Daenerys in this episode but we now have all three dragons loose in Meereen. Tyrion decided to release the two that had been chained up so they could go and hunt, a minor scene for a big character in my opinion but what made the scene for me was his reciting of a birthday story. To cope with his fear of facing down two fully grown dragons Tyrion remembers the time he asked his father for a Dragon which is both equal measures funny and tragic considering his relationship with Tywin.


Both our beloved Stark girls had a better week though with Sansa having a good sit down with Brienne and finding out that Arya is alive and well. Arya as well got her ass kicked again by the faceless girl but after sticking to her guns our favorite Bravosion man came to take her back to her training.

Probably where the least happened this week was in King’s landing, gone are the days where it kicks of here weekly. It was more like a day at the cricket than a West Ham vs Millwall game of old. Poor Myrcella was laid to rest as Jamie had a tense run in with the High Sparrow and Cersei had been locked away by her son the king. Though i’d have liked to see more the fact Toman came running back to mummy now has Cersei right back in the ruling seat of Westeros. Oh and I can still feel that “Shamers” pain now!


Lastly we have the Boltons and the Greyjoy’s. We shall start with the Bolton’s I think and oh Ramsay how you kick us right in the feels every week. Ramsay took the drastic measure of sticking a knife between his father’s ribs just as he is informed he has a new baby brother, whether he would have still done this if he had been given a sister is a completely different debate. Cold and calculated Ramsay took his place as lord of Winterfell and head of the Bolton family and while i’m glad to see Roose dead he did seem to show an inkling of humanity. “You’ll always be my first born” famous last words of Roose Bolton.

What really sold the ‘Hostile takeover’ was how Ramsay dealt with his mother in law and his new brother. Casually walking them into the kennel and opening each door, we all knew what was coming but by the old gods and the new was it brutal. Poor lady Walder and baby Bolton.


Belon Greyjoy fell of a bridge, that’s been a joke for a while now but I guess we didn’t have all the facts now did we. In the midst of a huge storm on the Iron Islands and a row with his daughter about his failed invasion Belon takes a walk on a very suspect bridge. Here he encounters his brother and mischief ensues , Belon goes overboard and his brother Euron is nowhere to be found. Why is obvious considering the Iron Islands don’t have direct lines of succeeding, there is a moot which is where the next lord is appointed. I wonder who that will be? I hope Theon returning will throw a spanner into whatever dodgy goings on is happening on the Iron Islands.

While this week’s episode has been a long time coming and let’s be frank was incredibly predictable, it was still fun and its good to finally see Jon Snow take a breath. The drama that unfolded in Winterfell and on the Iron Islands really helped round off the episode and progress where this season seems to be going. Will we see Sansa get to the Wall and Jon lead her armies against Lord Ramsay Bolton later on? I hope so but that’s a theory that can wait to be proven.