First person shooter heavy weights Call of Duty and Battlefield duked it out this week in what I have come to call the battle of the trailers. After an apparent leak Activision released the trailer for Call of Duty Infinite, this year’s installment of the mega bucks franchise and hell have they took it to outer space this time! Seriously they have finally taken Call of Duty to the final frontier.

Activision seems to have stolen the brainstorming love child of George Lucas and James Cameron, added a few rail cannons then mashed them together into an action filled trailer John Woo would be proud off. The latest installment boasts a futuristic setting pitting Earth against the Settlement defence force in the campaign, lightning fast multiplayer and Call of Duties trademark Zombies mode.

The biggest announcement though was for anyone who preorders the game will get Call of duty Modern Warfare Remastered for free! Worth the entry price right there if you ask me especially since Activision says they have no plans to release the remastered version as a standalone game. Call of Duty Infinite release date is November 4th. Check out the trailer below.

Now on the flip side Battlefield came out with their trailer just a day later showcasing Battlefield 1, taking us all the way back to World War 1. Now this wasn’t so much of a surprise as rumours of one of these mega franchise going back in time to their roots has been going around for weeks now but the relative fan reactions have been very different.

Battlefield 1 honestly looks amazing and is utilising the Frostbite engine so expect to see the Next Generation graphics shown off in Star Wars Battlefront bring war torn Europe to life. Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21st. Check out the trailer below.

Speaking as someone who enjoys both franchises in my opinion Battlefield just threw a knockout punch towards Call of Duty. Now I’m not saying Call of Duty is done and it’s almost guaranteed that Cod will make boat loads for Activision but the franchise is just going nowhere. Years now Call of Duty has tried to push further into the future to augment their games and give players new abilities and its just plain boring now.

Over the past few years Call of Duty has done nothing but give us sub standard single player campaigns and inject mechanics stolen from Titanfall into their games and the only reason they do well is because their multiplayer is so popular and well refined. Now I realize I am being overly critical but that’s because I used to hold Call of Duty in the highest of regards, the Modern Warfare trilogy and Black Ops 1 are among my favorite games of all time but the titles from the past few years are a shadow of what the franchise use to be.

Battlefield on the other hand have drawn me in like never before. Going back to World War 1 in modern graphics with modern multiplayer can be a game changer for Dice and EA. Battlefield look to have a winner on their hands with Battlefield 1 and I hope its as good as the criminally under rated Battlefield Hardline.

Which one are you looking forward to the most?