And so our story begins…

The pain of Microsoft shutting down Lionhead is still fresh in our minds and hearts but lest there is a glimmer of hope that we may still experience the fair city of Albion once again, well as best we can in the confines of a trading card game anyway. The game will be called Fable Fortune.


The game is being made by a studio set up by ex Lionhead developers Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn called Flaming Fowl Studios. Apparently Fable Fortune was in secret development by Lionhead before they were viciously shut down and now Microsoft have given there ex developers its backing to use the Fable licence but it doesn’t look like they will directly publish the game themselves.

Thankfully in this day and age we have the all mighty crowd funding platform for the team to use and raise funds. The game has already gone live on Kickstarter and I implore anyone who loves Fable or trading card games to donate. You can donate anything from £5 to £5000 granting you some downloadable extra features or for the deep pocketed of us you can be immortalized in the game and become a trading card hero yourself.

Click here to go to Fable Fortune’s Kickstarter page

The game is set to come to PC and Xbox with a closed Beta later this year and full release planned for early 2017.