Here we take a look at a few news stories that have come out this week. While we won’t be covering everything we will cover what I consider standouts during the week.

Mass Effect Andromada releases a new combat focused trailer

Bioware have released the first in a series of gameplay trailers showing off the various mechanics of the next installment of the Mass Effect series. The first video focuses on combat and weapons and highlights a lot of the new movement and cover based shooting gameplay you’ll be taking part in through the course of the game.

The trailer also shows plenty of power usage giving us a glimpse of what the new tech, combat and biotic attacks will look and play like. We can look forward to a return of close combat melee weapons as well, i’m particularly looking forward to equipping a Krogan hammer to pummel an unsuspecting foe.

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy gets a release date

The Crash Bandicoot Remaster has a release date after posting a short video taking us all back to a beloved level from the original game. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy is releasing on 30th June 2017 for the Playstation 4.

Xbox Live Games With Gold gets its fortnightly reset

Those who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold service can enjoy several free games every month with its Games with gold offer on fortnightly reset basis. Unlike Playstations Plus survive the games on offer from Xbox Live are actually quite good, many of which are triple A titles that were selling for £50 not too long ago.

For the rest of February subscribers can download Lovers In Dangerous Spacetime, Project Cars Digital Edition and Star Wars The Force Unleashed via backwards compatibility. Grab em while you can.

Mel Gibson in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2

Mel Gibson has had a bit of a resurgence in the past few years and it looks like Warner Brothers has taken notice by commencing talks for him to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. Reports had Warner Brothers execs having an initial meeting with Mel Gibson which he later confirmed.

Its unclear what sort of film Mel Gibson would deliver with taking the reigns as he has been outspoken about the rise in superhero flicks saying “real heros don’t wear tights”. While talks have commenced there’s no guarantee as Warner Brothers are also looking at several other directors so Mel may have a fight on his hands if he wants to direct the next Suicide Squad film.


Frontier Drops its PVP focused add on for Elite Dangerous

Frontier the developers of the massive in scale space sim Elite Dangerous have pulled its PVP focused spin off Elite Dangerous: Arena from Steam and the Xbox one store with the Playstation version being pulled in quarter two 2017.

Elite Dangerous: Arena has had trouble bringing in a large following since its release as it is a primarily combat focused player versus player game mode which goes against what many of the fans see as the appeal the main game which focuses on choice and freedom.

While the standalone PVP section of the game seems to be dead the primary game is experiencing a boost in interest after a slew of recent updates. One of said updates included an encounter with an alien species that garnered plenty of media at attention.